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Neoprene is made from mixing natural rubber with air bubbles rather like a rubber version of sparkling water. This process makes the rubber lightweight, buoyant, warm, stretchy and supportive while remaining 100% waterproof.

Comfy Neoprene wellies will keep your feet warm in the winter but cool in the spring and will give a higher level of comfort compared to a standard rubber boot. Many of our neoprene wellies are stretch fit which means that the neoprene fits snugly but comfortably over your calf.

In severely cold weather a warm neoprene boot really comes into it's own. Many of our boots from top brands such as Bogs and Muck Boot are temperature rated to be comfortable as low as -30°C.

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Neoprene Explained

Some of the best wellington boots we sell at Quality Wellies are made of neoprene but what actually IS neoprene and what makes it such a good material to make wellys from.

History of Neoprene

Neoprene is a generic term for a family of synthetic rubbers produced by the polymerization of chloroprene and was originally invented in 1930 by scientists working for an American chemical company called Dupont. At that time it was called Duprene. Initially neoprene had a foul odour which prevented it from being commercialised however DuPont soon eliminated the odour and by 1939 were generating yearly profits of over $300,000 from neoprene.

Neoprene Characteristics

Neoprene is much more resilient then natural rubber. It is more gas permeation resistant and can tolerate higher temperatures up to 95 degrees celcius. When heat degradation does occur it does not happen in the form of melting but instead the neoprene hardens. Neoprene is resilient down to temperatures of around -40 degrees celcius which is why many of our neoprene wellies are certified down to this temperature. Below -40 the neoprene will again stiffen and harden.

Neoprene has a very low oxidation rate meaning that it is ideal for using in environments where there are high levels of exposure from the sun and other weathering elements. Because of this neoprene wellies will keep their colour and not fade even after periods of intensive outdoor wear.

In addition to neoprene's resistance to weathering it has an ability to withstand a range of oils, greases and chemicals. Although you should always check exactly what your neoprene boots are resistant to you can be confident that they will offer much more durablitiy compared to a standard rubber only welly.

Neoprene can be squeezed and stretched and it will return back to its original state. This allows manufacturers to produce neoprene wellingtons that are stretch fit.

When foamed neoprene is buoyant and acts as a very good insulator. It is used to make gloves, wetsuits and of course wellington boots where lightweight and warm properties make it a firm favourite.

Foamed Neoprene

By itself Neoprene offers little more insulation and warmth than plastics and other similar materials. A foamed neoprene contains bubbles of gas, usually Nitrogen. The bubbles give neoprene its insulating properties and also make it bouyant. It is for this reason that neoprene is an ideal material for wetsuits. For wellies the foaming gives the insulation and comfort that are key properties in the great range of neoprene wellies we sell on this site.

If you want a good way to remember why neoprene has these properties then think of it like the sparkling wine of rubber!

Neoprene Summed Up

To sum up why we use neoprene in our wellies you just need to look at this great summary list. Neoprene key facts:

Our Neoprene Wellies

We have some really good neoprene wellies to choose from by top brands such as Muck Boot, Bogs, Cotswold and others. For more information please follow some of the links below:

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