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Archive 06/2014

What Is Neoprene?

2014-06-26 | Factual

What Is Neoprene

Some of the best wellington boots we sell at Quality Wellies are made of neoprene but what actually IS neoprene and what makes it such a good material to make wellys from.

Neoprene is a generic term for a family of synthetic rubbers produced by the polymerization of chloroprene and was originally invented in 1930 by scientists working for an American chemical company called Dupont. At that time it was called Duprene. Initially neoprene had a foul odour which prevented it from being commercialised however DuPont soon eliminated the odour and by 1939 were generating yearly profits of over $300,000 from neoprene. Continue reading

Splendour Festival Nottingham

2014-06-19 | Festivals

Splendour Festival Nottingham

Held in the beautiful surroundings of Wollaton deer park Splendour Nottingham has been held every July since 2008. Originally a two day festival Splendour is an outdoor festival which attracts audiences from a range of ages and tastes. Stages include a main stage, support stage and if comedy is your thing then there is a comedy stage as well. The weather is usually great but don't forget your festival wellies just in case! Continue reading