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Archive 04/2014

Robin the Red

2014-04-23 | Gardening | Photography

Robin the Red

Back in 2012 Quality Wellies was almost ready to begin trading but there was just one small problem that needed resolving. The website had a name but the company did not and let me tell you thinking of a company name is harder than it sounds! It was a weekend so to help oil the creative cogs I threw on a pair of my Tayberry Osprey gardening shoes and started work repairing fencing at the end of my garden. The work involved plenty of digging and so before long our friend Robin the Red arrived for dinner.

Robin the Red is a regular visitor to our garden and loves to dine on any garden delicacies unearthed by gardening. On this particular occasion he was in a particularly photogenic mood and so I was able to capture some great shots of him. Here they are I hope you like them!

How did this help with choosing our company name? Well we named the company Red Robin Retail in Robin the Red's honour. I hope he's grateful. Continue reading

My Festival Love Affair

2014-04-15 | Camping | Festivals

My Festival Love Affair

It's light past 6pm, newborn ducklings waddle at the riverbank, trees are dressed in blossom and adults nationwide are silencing toddler tantrums with cream eggs. Spring has sprung - which means one thing only. Festival season is nigh.

There's so much to love about this time of year but for me it's the thought of the live-music-saturated-summer ahead that ignites spring fever - and I'm not the only one. According to a study for Visit Britain live music events attracted a staggering 6.5 million people last year and drummed up (sorry) £2.2bn for the UK economy.

Large-scale UK outdoor music festivals began in the 1960s with the likes of the Isle of Wight festival - hot on the heels of Woodstock's success in the US - and the winning combination of weekend-long revelry and live music has dominated the British summer ever since. Glastonbury's first ever incarnation was as the 1970 Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, nowadays you can find everything from dubstep to Mexican ska blaring across the 900 acre site.

Tramping around a field for several days and nights with limited access to washing facilities isn't everyone's cup of chai tea. But I love it, and here are a few reasons why... Continue reading

A Village Called Hope

2014-04-08 | Photography | Walking

Beautiful Views in Hope

I love to travel. In fact a lot of the time spent in my own country is whiled away dreaming about how I can be anywhere but my own country.

Which is ridiculous when there are places like the Peak District a mere train ride away from my doorstep. I visited this region of breathtaking mountainous beauty last autumn and was lucky enough to pass a couple of sunshine-filled days hiking through it. Albeit getting covered in mud and horrendously lost, but hiking nonetheless - and the leaves had just started to turn so the colour of the hillsides was truly stunning.

Staying in a picturesque little village called Hope with the Pennines-sweeping A road Snake Pass nearby, you wouldn't be a total chump to confuse this scene with something out of a bad fantasy novel. But I can assure you it was real, and pretty awesome. Continue reading